agent FIT Overview

Hi I’m Jay with exp realty and I’m an active agent just like you. We put together agent FIT to discuss financial issues that we all face as real estate agents.

I think, as Realtors, we all want to get ahead and we want to be able to take care of ourselves and our family and really just have more time to enjoy life. And that can be difficult because not only do we all have to make money to pay our personal bills…but we also have to set aside money to pay our business overhead including paying our taxes and re-investing in our business plus somehow saving money for retirement too. Then we still have regular expenses like going out to eat or to the movies or putting our kids into soccer and those aren’t cheap. And how are we supposed to do all this without a regular paycheck …just on commissions?

That’s why I wanted to share this information because it has helped me do this.  Now I feel less stress and I feel more in control of my business and I think it’s such a powerful tool for realtors that its worth sharing with you and every real estate agent out there that I can connect with. And I hope this helps so we can start to know, like and trust each other because I feel that the only way to get ahead is to help enough other people get what they want first.

Well I hope you enjoy what I’m about to share and feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.

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agent FIT Overview (Full Version 34.37)

Episode 1 – agent FIT and The Realtor Paradox 6:12

Episode 2  – The 3 Rules Of Money 7:27

Episode 3 – Credit 8:38

Episode 4 – Creating Our Own Bank 4:17

Episode 5 – Either/or vs Both/and 4:15

Episode 6 – Endless Possibilities 3:51